Oh thank heaven!

First thing first, if you’ve never been to Thailand then you’re probably unaware of the fact that it’s streets are literally teaming with a humble convenience store we likely all take for granted back at home. I’m talking of course, about 7-11. What does 7-11 have to do with street food? Well… nothing really, but it certainly offers a cool respite from the oppressively hot streets of Bangkok. You’ve been walking around all day taking in the sights and sounds, it’s hot (real hot), it’s humid (my hair is a disaster) and you’re sweating bullets (sexy).

Let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than being blasted with arctic air as the automatic door happily slides opens and chimes it’s trademark 7-11 jingle. So, what’s so great about 7-11? Well, aside from the fact that there is one pretty much every block and you can buy beer (local/ import as well as an array of other hard liquors),  it’s an absolute wonderland of unusual snacks!

From what I’ve seen however, the reigning title of strange can be crowned by the “chip” aisle:

And people outside of Canada thought Ketchup flavored chips were weird? Man were they wrong. Chalk one up to South East Asia for having the most intriguing snacks! I will definitely continue on with random updates of late night 7-11 snack attacks (*cough* drunk munchies *cough*) so you people back home can experience the weirdness…..only to a lesser extent, because you won’t actually be able to eat the weirdness.  You can leave that up to your highly trained professional…uh, me.



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