I’m Home!

After a grueling 20+ hours of travel, I’ve reached my final destination; Bangkok. Weary, exhausted and probably in desperate need of a shower, I couldn’t help but grin when I was struck with a wall of humidity that hit me harder than a sack of bricks. I am so excited to be back, Thailand truly feels like home away from home.


Airport or Space Station? You decide!

So, where to start? Perhaps with a shout out to Alex for helping me come up with the catchy blog name and Torri, who is currently designing me a phenomenal blog template (the current state of mine is rudimentary and in desperate need of a face lift). You both rock my block.

Moving on.

As most of you know, my love for Thailand is pretty all-encompassing (to put it lightly) and I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to come back to this fantastic country. During past trips, one thing that I had found myself becoming increasingly obsessive over was the street food. Why? A combination of things really. It’s quite a visceral experience walking through a Thai market. The delicious scents of satay being grilled over hot coals and fragrant curries wafting in the already heady air, the sizzle and crackle of freshly fried chicken and pork can be heard over the voice of hungry patrons placing their order… the frenetic energy that surrounds you is downright intoxicating. Street food is a way of life, one that I am happy to oblige by!

Anybody up for a slab of fried pork?

After being completely enthralled and inspired by websites such as Eating Thai Food & BKK Fatty, it only made sense for me to start blogging my way into your hearts via your stomachs. So, my journey begins here in Thailand. Stay tuned!



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