Posted in January 2012

Say hi, Chiang Mai!

Say hi, Chiang Mai!

Having filled my quota for chaotic streets, pushy touts trying to sell me ridiculous wooden frogs, and Tuk Tuk drivers popping their lips asking me if I wanted to go to a ping pong show, it was most certainly time to escape the insanity of Bangkok and head to the northern capital known as Chiang Mai. I jumped on an … Continue reading

Oh thank heaven!

First thing first, if you’ve never been to Thailand then you’re probably unaware of the fact that it’s streets are literally teaming with a humble convenience store we likely all take for granted back at home. I’m talking of course, about 7-11. What does 7-11 have to do with street food? Well… nothing really, but … Continue reading

I’m Home!

After a grueling 20+ hours of travel, I’ve reached my final destination; Bangkok. Weary, exhausted and probably in desperate need of a shower, I couldn’t help but grin when I was struck with a wall of humidity that hit me harder than a sack of bricks. I am so excited to be back, Thailand truly feels like … Continue reading